Customer Centricity World Series

Measuring Customer Experience Award Winning Cases

Middle East - Kanari
13:30-14:30 UAE
Europe - BT Ireland
09:00-10:00 CET
The Americas - FCT
08:30-0930 CT

The Speakers

Mark Hamill

Mark is the CEO of ARCET Global. A Leader in creating engaging content led events and Building CX Communities across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. His entire career has been centred on Customer Experience from being product manager of the TICSI standard to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur.

Marlan Hardie

Chief Digital Officer, Worldwide Technology
Marlan operates as the Chief Digital Officer for global service providers at World Wide Technology. With 20 years in the customer care industry and a consulting background, Marlan has worked with many of the largest call centers in the telecom, cable, financial services, media and entertainment organizations. He evangelizes that “the brands that deliver the best customer experience have already provide the best employee experience.

Subhi Farah

Founder, Kanari
Subhi is the CEO and co-founder of Kanari, a customer experience management technology company, which helps brands and businesses measure real-time customer experience and turn experience data into insights and actions. Subhi holds a BSC in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona. His career covers software development, technology consulting and over the past 8 years customer experience - helping businesses in a variety of sectors implement and grow effective, tech-enabled CX programs.

Tanya Fowler, CCXP

Head of CX, FCT (First Canadian Title)
As an advocate and change agent, Tanya is a champion of the customer's voice. Tanya’s career trajectory has included roles in legal, customer support, operations, sales enablement, and marketing with one primary focus – placing the customer at the centre of all business decisions.

She became Canada’s 79th Certified Customer Experience Professional in January 2021 and leads CX strategy, focusing on driving a customer-centric culture and championing the voice of FCT’s customers to cultivate, motivate, and implement change to support the delivery of industry-leading experiences.

In October 2021, Tanya led FCT to their first CX industry recognition as they received the prestigious ‘Customer Centricity in B2B’ award from the North American Customer Centricity Awards, which also earned second place standing in the Customer Centricity World Series Awards for the same category. Tanya also received the honour of being named “Woman of Influence” by Canadian Mortgage Professional for her work in the mortgage industry.

In 2022, Tanya was named “Emerging Leading in CX” by the CXPA and led FCT’s winning recognition for “Best Measurement in CX” and “Customer Insight & Feedback VOC” awarded by the North American Customer Centricity Awards.

Deirdre Tyrrell

CX Manager, BT Ireland
Deirdre Tyrrell Customer Experience manage at BT Ireland, who won Best measurement in Customer Experience at the European Customer Centricity Awards 2022. A member of their Customer Experience transformation team, she is responsible for ensuring key CX strategic objectives are achieved. Deirdres speciality is to act as the voice of the customer, driving the CX programme at all levels to enhance the customer centric culture. She is also the interface between CX and the wider BT organisation, where it’s her job to ensure targeted change enhances the customer experience.

Mary McDonagh

Senior Manager, Strategy & Implement, Customer Service, BT Ireland
As a key member of the BT Ireland’s Customer Experience & transformation team, my principal role is to help evolve customer service strategy, delivering new initiatives at pace and enhance the customer experience in parallel . Many years of transformation experience have taught me how to develop innovative solutions to solve customer challenges. This informs my CX work where the objective is to give customers the best possible experience and embed a customer-centric culture in our business.