Customer Centricity World Series


Select up to 3 categories

Registration Deadline: January 14 2022

Reasons to Enter


Share your story and gain recognition for all your hard work.


Discover how your peers are becoming more customer centric through the initiatives presented.


Virtually meet other customer centric organisations and CX leaders.

Case Studies

Gain exclusive access and choose from over 150 CX case studies to attend, delivered by the finalists throughout the Finals.

The Categories

Categories available to Enter

  1. Customer-Centric Culture 
  2. Best Customer Experience Strategy 
  3. Business Change or Transformation 
  4. Customer Insight & Feedback VOC 
  5. Complaint Handling
  6. Best Measurement in Customer Experience 
  7. Contact Centre 
  8. Digital Strategy/Transformation 
  9. Employee Experience
  10. Best User Experience (UX)
  11. Customer Experience Team
  12. Customer Experience Professional – Judges Nomination
  13. Crisis Strategy and Management
  14. Customer Success
  15. Customer Centricity in B2B
  16. Experience Design
  17. CX Agency of the Year
  18. Citizen Experience

The Entry Journey

Choose Your Category/Ies And Complete Your Entry Form/s

Submit your Entry/ies

Shortlist Announcement

Prepare your finals presentation

Book your seats at the ceremony

Present to the Judges at the Finals

Enjoy the ceremony & Receive your feedback report

The Entry Journey

Choose up to 3 categories and complete your entry form

submit your written entries

Await your shortlisting confirmation

Secure your finalist place by purchasing your attendee passes

Prepare your finalist presentation and Q&A videos

Submit your videos

Attend the virtual finals and learn from other competitors

Enjoy the ceremony and celebrate with your team

receive your benchmark feedback report


Note: If you are entering on behalf of a Client, please ensure to put your details below, and not your Client’s details.

3 Online Finals & Ceremony Passes

Access for 3 people to the online awards finals & ceremony

5 Online Finals & Ceremony Passes

Access for 5 people to the online awards finals & ceremony

Once you enter, you will have access to

The Official Entry Form

Once payment is received this interactive PDF will be sent to your registered email.

Benchmarked feedback report

Read comments from the judges who scored your presentation to continually improve.


We will promote you to our global network.

Marketing materials

Download your marketing pack to share your success through social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

The full criteria can be found here.

The awards are judged in two parts, the written entry and the finals video presentation. Winners are selected based on the highest score across these two sections of the assessment. Winners are only announced when the trophies are presented at the online ceremony on the 18th May 2022.

It really depends on the nature and timelines of the initiative/project/campaign, however if you are in any doubt, members of our team would be happy to help guide you on suitable categories for your story and advise the way forward.

The process is very simple and all the information is listed here, If you have any additional questions please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help – Learn how to enter.

All our judges are independent specialists in their chosen categories. Take a look at all of the judges (so far) at this years awards here.

Of course, please visit the resources page here.

If you scored over 70% in your regional entry and your category is available in this programme, you have the option to be automatically confirmed as a finalist for the world series.

Absolutely, just fill out the entry registration form and one of our team will be in touch shortly with your entry forms

Do I have to pay to Enter – No there is no fee to Enter the Awards. However, if you would like to send delegates to the event once you have been shortlisted, which is a minimum investment of $1000. This includes your virtual event passes, trophies, assessment process and feedback report.

At just €250 per person you will receive the following upgrade

Thank you for your registration!
We will be in touch with you via email shortly.