Customer Centricity World Series

Scoring of Entries

The purpose of the ARCET Global scoring model and criteria is to ensure that business stories, teams and leaders are scored accurately, effectively and independently. Giving both entrants and judges confidence that the winners are deserving.

Our scoring model, which has been constantly updated based on both Judge and Entrant feedback, is endorsed by the University of Westminster and has been certified by Customer Institute. Giving you confidence that all entries will be evaluated in a vigorous and thorough manner.

The University of Westminster is founded on the principle of supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial endeavours, which echoes ARCET Global’s commitment to improve businesses around the world.

Customer Institutes mission is to be the go-to source for B2B, B2C, and public-sector organizations to excel through customer centricity. A goal that exemplifies our commitment to furthering the practice of Customer Experience.

We are delighted to collaborate with both the University of Westminster and Customer Institute.

Awards Scoring Method Certified by the Customer Institute

Each criteria scored 1-10 (10 being the highest score)

After all the presentations, judges score the overall entry out of 100 so they can reflect on which story captivated them.

Scores are aggregated and given a percentage.

Finalists who score within 3% of the highest marks of that category will be winners.

Judging Panel

Meet the judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess the entrants. Each judge has been invited to take part in the world series after their exemplary performance at the regional awards. To ensure impartiality and all judges sign a confidentiality agreement. Judges are selected based on their business experience and qualifications. Each panel has a cross section of experts to ensure the evaluation is thorough.

Interested in becoming a judge? Apply to judge, your profile could be on display below.

Professor Graham Shapiro

Chairman of Judges - CEO, GSD
Professor Graham Shapiro is an award-winning British inventor, designer & digital entrepreneur. A Fellow member of The Chartered Society of Designers, Chartered Institute of Marketing and The Royal Society of Arts. Visiting Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Westminster, Ambassador of Innovation for The University of Cambridge, Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Chester and Chairman of Arcet Global. Graham invented the interloopmailer® and Reggie®. For over 25 years his company Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) has created online and offline visual communication for some of the world’s most respected companies. He is also the founder of The Graham Shapiro Foundation. A Charity that's aim is to establish a real way to support mental health, wellbeing and to inspire innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK.

Alexander de Groot

VP Marketing Procurement
Alex guides business leaders with their strategy-programs, from ideation to execution by selecting the right partner and develop and maintain accordingly, for their program in the areas of CX, DX, D2C, Marketing and Procurement.

Bernhard Rathmayr

Communication Consultant
Delight both sides, the customer and the employee and create positive impacts for your business with this approach!That is Bernhard's aim. With almost 20 years of experience as customer communications and customer experience manager in different industries Bernhard Rathmayr supports now change processes to a customer centric communication.

Elena Coronado

VP Operations, Playtech Managed Services
Elena, a seasoned Customer Experience Professional, with over 18 years of experience in Operations, Customer Service and Customer Experience domain. Currently, the VP Operations of Playtech Managed Services, Elena has Implemented different projects using a wide array of approaches such as Lean process improvement, RPA, and Digital Transformation While Customer Experience is indeed her passion, her professional inclination extends to leadership; with excellent talent management, identifying, developing, and growing Talent within the organization.

Gabriela Ciupitu

Founder, Customer Experience Romania
Gabriela has a proven record of developing the Customer Experience’s Design and Transformation in the company. Her clear focus is to create the connection of customers and employees with their brand, products, and communication, through the heart and mind. One of her favorite statements is: “When your company set profit as a strategic objective, this can happen. When you set as a strategic vision to have Customer in the center of all initiatives, projects, and actions you will gain loyalty, credibility, trust, and quality stable growth.”

Ivan Kovačić

Head of Customer Operations, Hattrick-PSK (Fortuna Entertainment Group)
With over 13 years of experience in all things Customer Care related Ivan is a currently a Head of Customer Operations in PSK Croatia covering activities and responsibilities of Customer Care, Anti-Fraud and Payments teams. Since 2009 interested in topics related to Customers and the whole Customer Experience domain trying to bring customer centricity mentality to those around him. Currently holding the position of Head of Customer Operations (Covering Customer Care, Fraud and Payments) in PSK Croatia (which is a part of Fortuna Entertainment Group)

Jake Sanders

Global Wellbeing Initiatives Lead, Philip Morris International
Jake is a self proclaimed "failed sport scientist" who on realising that professional sport wasn't the environment he wanted to work in, transitioned his focus on the skill he loved most. Coaching. From creating a local community programme focused on using Nudge theory, Jake has gone on to work on corporate health and wellbeing for the last 7 years with one of the UK's largest health insurers, one of the worlds largest health and wellbeing technology providers, and most recently leading on wellbeing initiative at a global FMCG with 80,000 people in over 90 countries.

Jana Klekar

Jana's focus is on coaching, supported by consulting in CX and innovation growth.

Jonathan Hawkins

Founder and CEO, Anthrolytics
Jonathan is an industry veteran and co-founder of Anthrolytics, whose Predictive Behavioral Analytics platform breaks new ground in CX and EX – predicting the next likely behavior of customers & employees allowing companies to demonstrate Empathy at Scale.

Krisztina Kanizsai, CCXP

Chief Design Officer, Zoosh, CXPA Hungary Network Leadership Team
Krisztina is an enthusiastic professional of Innovation, UX Research, Customer Experience, and Service Design. She has 15+ years of consultancy background in a variety of domains. Helping clients to innovate faster by creating revolutionary solutions that deliver increased customer and business value.

Mary McDonagh

Senior Manager, Strategy & Implement, Customer Service, BT Ireland
At BT Ireland, Mary’s helps set and evolve the customer service strategy, deliver new initiatives and enhance the overall experience. Mary’s transformation experience taught her how to develop innovative solutions to solve challenges. This informs her customer experience work, where the objective is to give customers the best possible experience and embed a customer centric culture.

Natalia Denisova

Head of Customer Service, EssilorLuxottica
Natalia has more than 20 years of experience in customer service and CX, employee training, creation of KPIs and effective management of call centers in retail, banking, insurance and medical business. Her strength lies in her ability to create customer service from scratch, make it efficient and make it bring customer satisfaction and profit.

Noha Afifi

Global Director Of Client Engagement Kraken
Noha is a passionate customer experience executive with over 15 years of customer management experience. A COPC-certified professional for high-performance management techniques, she has a broad vision to provide delight to every customer. Noha has worked in various roles across customer experience, customer service, and operations within different industries including Telecoms, E-commerce, Travel, and FinTech. Noha has managed large global multi-lingual customer operations, CX and CS teams. Her goal is to improve the lives of both customers and employees.

Paulo Azevedo

Senior Design Manager - Enterprise Trust, Atlassian
Paulo is a Director, Head of Client Experience. He is a passionate customer experience leader that fosters a culture change shift to a more client-centric way of thinking and working, by understanding customer expectations and needs during their end to end journeys, and defining and implementing strategies to meet them.

Peter Kmoško

Founder, Monetize.CX
Peter is a CCXP certified CX professional, digitalization expert, and marketing strategist with over 20 years of business experience. He is based in Prague and Bratislava and has experience with driving Customer Focused projects ranging from startups, through scale-ups to big corporations such as Microsoft or O2. Currently owns a consultancy company Monetize.CX with a focus to translate the value of improved customer experience/customer-centricity into value for company shareholders to inspire them to invest back more and more into CX-related initiatives.

Rosaria Cirillo Louwman

Founder, Wow Now Customer Experience
Rosaria is TEDx Speaker, CX Advisor, CCXP & CXPA Authorized Resource Trainer, and co-founder of CXPA Dutch chapter. After 12+ years in various roles across sales, customer service, business improvement, e-commerce and customer experience for leading companies like Forrester, Stream, Adobe, and Philips, in 2013 she founded Wow Now to inspire and empower companies to choose, design, and deliver WOW life-enriching experiences that contribute to everyone’s HAPPINESS! Rosaria is the author of Yellow Goldfish. Originally Italian she lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two boys.

Samantha Richardson

Executive Engagement Program Lead EMEA / APAC , Twilio Inc.
Sam has been helping some of the world's most recognisable brands put customers at the front and centre of their organisations for over 20 years, through human centred experience strategy and design. At Twilio she leads global companies to digitally transform through combining the latest technology with customer centricity.

Stefan Osthaus

President, Customer Institute
Stefan Osthaus is a global thought leader in the experience management field, a valuable consultant to leaders in organizations around the globe, and a sought-after speaker, trainer, and author. His passion for helping organizations become more customer centric starts a simple insight: In the battle for customers and talent, the winners are those who optimize customer experience and employee experience as two sides of the same coin! Stefan has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies and an advisor to multinational organizations who seek to become more customer centric for more than 25 years. His passion and expertise have helped to improve the experiences of over half a billion customers, tens of millions of citizens, and hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe.

Adrian Lipolit

CEO Co-Founder, Customer Experience Romania
International executive with over 25 years expertise in Central East Europe taking over different business situations, start-up, turnaround and realignment in financial, retail, and advertising sectors. Experienced business professional in customer centric strategies development, driving quality growth and sustainable profit through excellent customer and employee experience.

Anna Boytsova

Associate Director Experience Consulting, EPAM Systems
Ganna is a Service Designer and a CX professional (CCXP) certified by CXPA and having 10+ years of hands-on experience in CX Management projects in Retail, E-Commerce, b2b and Banking. Ganna's experience includes orchestrating complex experience transformation programs and bringing together physical and digital experiences.

Clive Hilton

Director, ZEST Consulting Ltd
Clive is a dynamic, results driven, senior executive with over 25 years' global experience, delivering at a strategic, commercial and operational level. He is passionate about Customer Experience, IT/Organisation Transformation and fostering the conditions and culture for people/teams to flourish.

Elly Domene

VP, Cloud Services Channel Development, Mangata Networks
Elly Domene is a certified customer experience professional, multiple CX award winner, and a globally recognized thought leader in B2B customer experience strategy, human centered design, customer success enablement and transformation.

Giuseppe De Vincenti

Managing Partner, nexa Consulting
Beppe is the co-founder and managing partner of nexa consulting. nexa consulting was established 5 years ago to promote an innovative vision of customer experience in Switzerland, with a holistic approach which places the customer at the heart of all concerns and interactions.   As a Customer Experience expert, he is committed to help out Swiss and international companies to differentiate themselves in their respective markets & industries and generate growth by delivering a memorable experience to their customers.

Ivaylo Yorgov

Managing Director Customer Success, Gemseek
Ivaylo has more than 15 years of experience in CX research and insights. He is currently one of the Managing Directors at GemSeek, overseeing all customer success teams – research and analytics, text analytics, and data science.

James Scutt

Principal XM Catalyst, Qualtrics XM Institute
Recognised as one of Europe's leading Experience Management (XM) experts, James is a Customer Experience strategist and Business Transformation expert with a unique, high value add proposition. A Non-executive Director, Committee Chair and keynote speaker, James is a Principal Experience Management (XM) Catalyst with the Qualtrics XM Institute and the founder of the family of brands.

Jannecke Drangert-Hveding

Founder and CEO, Customer C
Jannecke is CEO in Customer C ( and a passionate advocate and advisor helping Scandinavian companies becoming more customer centric. She founded and CEOed Scandinavia’s first CX & customer driven innovation consultancy. She has worked for companies like Telenor, eBay, Schibsted, Nordic Choice Hotels and Sykehuspartner.

Judit Kertesz

Strategy Consultant, Managing Partner, Co-founder, Frontira
Judit is the co-founder and managing partner of Frontìra strategic innovation studio. As an experienced strategic design professional, she helps companies to find their winning aspiration through supporting them in better understanding their customers, business environment, and innovation trends. Judit is also a board member of Service Design Network Hungary.

Laurence Leach

Technical Director, ACF Technologies
Laurence is a Technical Director at ACF Technologies – responsible for the design and implementation of CX solutions, including the award-winning UK NHS Covid-19 vaccination system. Laurence specialises in analysis of customer behaviour and designing efficient customer experience solutions

Dr. Maxie Schmidt

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Dr. Maxie Schmidt leads Forrester’s research on CX Measurement and on Value for Customer. She helps CX leaders in B2C and B2B organizations to focus executives and stakeholders on customers, to measure CX performance, and to prove the ROI of CX.

Nick Lygo-Baker

Global Customer Experience Director
Nick is an award-winning, accredited member of the MRS and CCXP, specialising in innovative CX strategies and operationalising insights to drive performance improvement. An international best-selling author with Customer Experience 2 and 3 Nick has led Globally successful CX teams.

Olga Guseva

Managing Partner, Integria Consult
One of the leading CX strategy experts and advisors based in Russia, СXPA member, loyalty measurement and development coach, certified customer-centric corporate culture measurement and transformation specialist, MBA, Ph. D., keynote speaker and СХ blogger

Pavla Neduchalova

Customer Insight & Communication, Zebra Technologies
Pavla currently holds a role of Customer Insight & Communications at Zebra Technologies. She has been with this great company for last 15 years going through various roles focused at what she is most passionate about - providing a great CX!

Pether Jonsson

Global CX Advisor – Manufacturing, SAP
Pether is a CX professional with more than 20 years of experience across the end-to-end customer journey. Specializing in leading change in large and complex organizations, he supports companies to develop and implement enterprise-wide Customer Experience strategies that drive business impact.

Dr Russell Gillespie

Senior Manager EMEA, LATAM Process Improvement, Johnson Controls
Russell is a senior leader with a wealth of international experience in building commercial excellence and using customer experience as a guiding strategy. Russell breaks down silos and maximises the power of culture as an enabler. He is skilled in identifying the on-the-ground challenges that organisations and their staff face, and sparking transformations that drive value creation. His current mission is supporting Johnson Controls’ transformation of the way it delivers value to its customers.

Sanjeev Shelar

Senior Leader
Sanjeev Shelar is a visionary, highly experienced Senior Digital Leader and innovator with 20 years' achievement delivering complex multi-million EUR customer experience and e-commerce projects to achieve operational and customer excellence. He is passionate about architecting scalable strategies that improve customer experience, engagement and ultimately drive revenues. He believes customer-centricity is a shift in mindset and a sustainable way of doing business!

Sue Duris

Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, M4 Communications, Inc.
Sue is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at M4 Communications. She works with organizations and exec teams to help them become customer obsessed and build and sustain their CX programs. She is a writer and speaker and also hosts the famous #CXChat on Twitter.

Alessandro Donetti

Lecturer, MIP Politecnico di Milano - Graduate School of Business
Lecturer at POLIMI Graduate School of Management with over 3 decades of experience as advisor of global brands. His main fields of activity are brand strategy, consumer behavior and creation economy in both physical and metaversian markets. In his consulting activity he has helped iconic brands to position themselves in consumers mind to achieve their long term growth target.

Barry O'Shea

Customer Experience & Transformation Manager, BT Ireland
At BT Ireland, Barry leads Customer Experience and Transformation. A seasoned manager working in the IT Services industry for over twenty years, delivering solutions for domestic and multi-national customers. Extensive experience in operations, customer experience and transformation. Barry drives a customer centric approach across all functions, enhancing the employees and customers experience, which strengthens internal and external relationships.

David Savage

Strategist/ Facilitator / Owner, TEoC - The Experience of Customers
David Savage is Owner/ Strategist of TEoC (The Experience of Customers) in the Netherlands. He is a Certified Service Excellence Assessor focused on creating positive, memorable and sustainable customer experiences driven by customer centric cultures throughout Europe and North America.

Erich Rickens

Senior Manager - Client Experience, Kraken
Erich is a Senior Manager for Kraken's client experience team. He's a generalist CX leader with a specialization in CX data, technology, user experience, and client self-service. He has worked across consumer tech, B2B, and most recently fintech and Web3."

Gregorio Uglioni

Head Business Transformation, CX Goalkeeper
Gregorio Uglioni, Head Business Transformation, CX Goalkeeper Thanks to his strong leadership skills, Gregorio has successfully led several transformation programs achieving great results, creating a positive customer impact while relentlessly nurturing a positive innovation culture. His cross-industry engagement for the development of the customer experience discipline (e.g., with his podcast “the CX Goalkeeper”, as a Judge at several international events, as a co-author of the global best-sellers “Customer Experience 3” and “Customer Experience 4”) and his in-depth know-how allowed him to be recognized and awarded several time in Customer Experience Community. Gregorio is heading the Business Transformation at the cantonal hospital of Winterthur.

Jacek Wieczorkowski

Head of Customer Experience Team, Santander Consumer Bank s.a.
Jacek has been associated with the banking sector since 2004. He creates and supports activities aimed at providing clients with positive experiences in all touchpoints with Santander Consumer Bank. He is responsible for the quality of customer service, internal communication and development of employee competences.

Jan Uriga

Strategist, Inno8 s.r.o.
Jan believes in the value of science and magic of creativity/emotions that both serves for the good of humans. Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation tools creating both top line and bottom line growth. By constantly challenging the way things are done he design and implement customer and employee experience strategies.

Jerry Angrave

Customer & Passenger Experience Director, Empathyce
Jerry is founder and CX Director at Empathyce. He has a background of in-house corporate CX roles and is now a consultant and coach. Jerry is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and an officially authorised trainer for the accreditation.

Karin Nemcekova

Customer Experience Manager International, UNIQA Insurance Group
Karin has years of practice designing and delivering customer-led services for ING Bank, KBC Bank and KPMG. She believes that problems of getting superb customer experience are immense, systemic, and complex, but experience design-led approach, the right partnerships, and sustained engagement with a particular problem can create transformative change.

Markus Ahola

Chief Specialist, Customer Experience, LAB University of Applied Sciences
Markus Ahola, Ph.D, is a chief specialist in customer experience at LAB University of Applied Sciences and fosters experience-driven RDI and education. Hi is an experience design researcher and has contributed to many multidisciplinary research and education collaboration platforms between industry and academia.

Mikkel Korntved

CEO, Senior Partner, Loyalty Group
Mikkel is partner and CEO of Loyalty Group International. +25 years of CX management consulting. Chaired the ECHO Awards as a global judge since 2008. He has worked for leading global companies like BMW, Jumeirah Group, SAS, Telia, Hartman Industries, Struers and FLSmidth

Nicolette Wuring

Customer Centricity Guide, Customer Management Services
Triggered by the Cluetrain Manifesto in 1999 (“Markets are conversations”) Nicolette guides organizations through transformational changes. She is a Customer Centricity futurologist who uniquely brings strategy together with pragmatism, making companies more successful, whilst making employees and customers happy.

Olivier Mourrieras

Founder, CX-Impact
Olivier Mourrieras is a results driven executive. He has shaped and delivered market leading customer experience transformations at Orange and E.ON addressing B2B and B2C internationally. Olivier leads CX-impact, a CX consultancy that supports companies in their change plans to drive impact and results from customer experience improvement.

Pavol Mikolaj

Customer Experience & IT Process Manager, Business Lease
Pavol believes that best Customer experience needs to start with best Employee experience. He, as a Customer Experience and IT process manager in Business Lease Slovakia, always looking for innovative solutions for external and internal customers. His background is from FMCG, IT and now in mobility solutions field.

Ragna Ghoreishi, CCXP

VP Customer Success, Cleeng
Ragna Ghoreishi is a senior CX transformation leader who combines an E2E mindset of client centricity with a proven track record in operation & process transformation, agile leadership of cross-functional & international teams and “passionate out-of-the-box thinking”.

Ruud Verduin

Customer Experience Strategy Consultant
Ruud Verduin is recognized as an expert in customer experience and customer relationship management in The Netherlands. He is head of consulting at Smart Connections, helping clients with effective customer-centric strategies and supporting them in customer experience transformation.

Stefan Kolle

Partner & Founder, Future Lab
Stefan is Co-founder and CEO of the CX Strategy and VOC boutique Futurelab since 17 years. With his team he drives customer strategy development, CX and CC implementation programmes, all built around solid VOC basics. He has worked with companies like Toyota, Vodafone, Lexus, Shell and Deutsche Bank.

Alec Dalton

Managing Partner, Hospitality Leadership Academy
Alec Dalton inspires exceptional experiences using service science. Leveraging over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Alec is a Co-Founder and Partner of the Hospitality Leadership Academy. The consultancy supports brand names and boutique businesses alike with service-oriented customer experience strategy and training. He proudly serves as an Advisory Board Member for HorizonCX, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors for the Customer Institute. Alec's publications include co-authorship of the textbook Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry and the first two international best-sellers in the series Customer Experience.

Brian Dennis

Global Head of Retail Strategy, TruRating
Brian is the Global Head of Retail Strategy for TruRating and a best selling author on customer experience. He is a respected thought leader in the CX space and will be an incredible addition to the judging panel.

Christian Chiari Manni

Director of Customer Success, huumans
Christian is currently the Director of Customer Success at huumans, helping small business owners in Canada and the US by fall 2023. Now a CPA candidate, as well as pursuing his Exec. MBA. He won first place in the North America Customer Centricity Award and third place in the ICXA 2021, emphasizing his passion for the CX world.

Dennis Wakabayashi

Dennis is known as the "Global Voice of CX" and a recognized expert in the fields of customer experience and digital marketing with social media following of 70,000. He's the Chairman of the largest CX event in Africa, teaches digital marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was named as the CX influencer for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Gustavo Morales

Director of Engineering, Toptal
A professional leader that brings his drive, energy, and passion to connect the best and brightest in technology with top organizations around the world in order to support companies' digital transformation. He has vast experience working for top companies in the world with a wide range of technology stacks. Gustavo has Implemented many SaaS cloud computing solutions for major airlines in the Americas and delivered a dozen of eCommerce solutions for top retailers’ companies in the United States. Last but not least, Gustavo has participated as Judge and Chair Judge in various international and prestigious events.

Janelle Mansfield

VP CX Strategy and Enablement, People Corporation
Janelle leads the team responsible for defining the CX vision and strategy at People Corporation. She brings together experience in marketing, operations and technology to design experiences that resonate while driving improved business outcomes.

Jerry Campbell

Director, Customer Workflows ServiceNow
Jerry is the Director, Customer Workflows, Leading Practices for ServiceNow. He is responsible for delivering best practices for ServiceNow customer workflows implementations. His team influences the speed to market adoption of the platform thus accelerating unrealized value of business outcomes.

Katherine Buttler

Head of Product North America & CX Strategy Service, ThoughtWorks
Katherine Buttler is a CX leader, strategist and storyteller, with 23 years of digital consulting experience with Fortune 100 clients in numerous industries. She is Head of Product, NA, for ThoughtWorks, and leads the CX Strategy service for North America.

Latha Thamma Reddi

Sr Product and Portfolio Management (Automation and Innovation), DXC Technology
Latha is a highly accomplished Global Information Technology leader with two decades of experience in ERP and Cloud Technologies. She has worked as Sr Product and Portfolio Manager within Fortune 100 Companies across diverse industries such as Finance, Banking, Treasury, Insurance and Hospitality. Her outstanding contributions have been recognized and celebrated with the esteemed CIO award, highlighting her significant impact in the field.

Margaret Millett

Global Resilience Senior Manager, Uber
Margaret J. Millett (MSBC, FBCI (Hon), MBCP) is an experienced, results-driven and forward-thinking Business Continuity Management (BCM) professional with demonstrated strategic thought leadership and management expertise. She has been actively involved in the BCM profession for 25+ years and worked for Fortune 300 companies.

Michael Hinshaw

Founder, President, McorpCX
President of customer experience strategy and consulting firm McorpCX, Michael Hinshaw is recognized by industry and analysts as a digital and customer experience leader. A CX speaker and best-selling author, he advises executive leadership at Fortune 500 and fast-growth firms.

Phil Wright

VP of Client Engagement, QuaXigma
Phil is the VP of Client Engagement, QuaXigma. He has had more than 30 years of experience and has held leadership positions in Product Development, Quality, Lean Six Sigma, and Customer Experience. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master of Engineering degree, has 26 US patents, and is certified in Lean/Six Sigma, NPS, and Customer Experience.

Rathnakumar Udayakumar

Co-Founder and Head of Product, Nextazy
Rathnakumar is a tech professional with 10+ years of experience in Data Science & AI. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and founded/co-founded multiple startups. He's also an author, blogger, YouTuber, startup mentor, and passionate about sharing his knowledge on various topics.

Sharda Kumari

Staff Systems Engineer, Airbnb
With 15+ years of experience in CRM and Enterprise Architecture, Sharda is an accomplished Global Business Technology leader. She has worked in various industries, including Tourism & Hospitality, Communications, Banking, and High-Tech, and shaped innovative engineering practices in successful organizations like Airbnb, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, and Avaya.

Susie Tobin

Customer Engagement Advisor
Susie spent many years in the IT industry always with the customer top of mind. Her global experience included leading teams in developing memorable experiences and building briefing programs and events. Susie is now the Customer Engagement Advisor for 900lbs, an experience design agency in Dallas, TX.

Tom DeWitt

Director, CXM@MSU
Tom is the founder and Director of CXM@MSU (Michigan State University), an entity created to advance the field of customer experience management. With over 30 years as a CX practitioner and consultant, Tom has worked tirelessly in helping to create customer-centric organizations.

Bhargav Reddy Piduru

Adobe Architect, Hyundai
Bhargav is a seasoned Adobe Architect with over 14 years of experience spanning diverse industries, including Automotive, Real Estate, Telecom, Insurance, and Healthcare. Bhargav has been instrumental in shaping and developing best practices for esteemed Fortune 500 companies such as Hyundai, Berkshire Hathaway, Bose, Telenor, and Transamerica.

Carl Riley

Founder, Riley Group Inc
Carl Riley is the founder of the Riley Group Inc (RGI), an award winning customer experience agency focused on driving human and business impact through design. He is interested in human-centered design, co-creation, projective research techniques, sociocultural anthropology and trends, semiotics, Gestalt theory, placemaking, community building, service design and intersectional spaces. Some great relationships he has enjoyed include Target, Starwood Retail Properties, Convene, Green Growth Brands, Schraft’s Specialty Fertility Pharmacy, O’Hare Airport, the Boot Barn and Zondervan Publishing. He is a midwesterner living in the New York City.

Dan Baxter

CEO, Catapult Consulting
Catapult Consulting helps industry leaders and their organizations deliver unmatched outcomes in team cohesiveness and resilience, leadership conscientiousness and operational excellence. As operationally-proven leaders, they ensure transformations are also informed by innovative application of data analysis, personality expertise and measurable decision-making tools, all tailored to the organization. Dan’s expertise in leadership, teaming and organizational turnarounds comes from his decades of experience as a military officer, decorated fighter-pilot and business executive working in various high-risk, high consequence environments around the world

Diane Magers

CEO, Experience Catalysts
An accomplished senior customer experience, sales and marketing executive with diverse and exceptional leadership skills. Drives contribution to bottom line results through strategic planning and designing services to deliver consistent brand and value messaging. Innovative leader and expertise in customer engagement strategy, design, development, and execution. Extensive experience in design and implementation of sales, marketing and services solutions and applications including SAP. Known as an innovative and creative strategist, Diane has over 25 years of proven ability to identify opportunities in customer interactions. Her strengths include designing and launching services and solutions based on enterprise, customer and associate needs through various market channels.

Hank Brigman

SVP, Service Journey Strategies Inc.
A CX pioneer who co-invented a mapping methodology in 2022, developed an original formula for correlating NPS to revenue and was the person who added “touchpoint” to Wikipedia, Hank works with clients globally to improve outcomes for customers, employees and the bottom line. A best-selling CX author and engaging speaker, Hank has delivered keynotes on five continents to rave reviews. Hank’s current client and speaking focus is on how to win the journey economy by finally addressing the structural conflict between siloes and customer journeys. Connect with and message Hank on LinkedIn.

Jeff Lojko

SVP CX Transformation, Bank of America
Jeff is a passionate, experienced practitioner at Bank of America who believes that the best client experiences are those that deliver value in a simple, enjoyable way. To him, client-centricity is about understanding and delivering what clients want, and why.

Jimmy Ball

Director of Product Design and UX, Securonix
Jimmy Ball is a highly experienced senior-level UX Strategist, information architect, and designer that has proven experience in positive business outcomes through research, branding, problem solving, and analytics. He was named one of Graphic Design USA magazine's "People to Watch in 2012" and has had work showcased in many design annuals and award shows.

Dr Kevin Schaller

Senior Board Advisor
Dr. Kevin Schaller is an experienced crisis leader across a diverse array of environments including public, private, and nonprofit sectors. His doctoral research centers on board and executive crisis leadership, coupled with an enterprise risk governance advisory practice.

Lawrence Levinson

VP, Revenue Optimization, Wave HQ
Lawrence is an accomplished executive leader with 20 years of multinational experience across B2B/B2C cultures and industries. He has driven top-line growth & ROI through Business & Strategic Development, Customer Experience, Sales, Loyalty and Marketing in Startup, Fortune 100 & Forbes Global 2000 companies. A Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Master of Applied Science & Management, Professional Biologist and Mastering Design Thinking alum from MIT Sloan, Lawrence is the current President & Chair of CXPA Toronto, and sits on advisory Boards for CSPN and Corinium Global Intelligence.

Mary Drumond

Vice President Marketing, Neighborly Software
Mary Drumond is Vice President Marketing at Neighborly Software and host of the Voices of CX Podcast. She has a passion for consumer behavior and extensive experience in Customer Experience. Mary currently serves as a board member for UGA’s MMR Program, CX Board for Officium Labs, and co-chair of Latinas in Tech-ATL.

Mike Kendall

Founder, The Customer Lab
Leveraging over 25 years of driving transformation inside loyalty-leading companies like Intuit, Capital One, and Humana, Mike Kendall (@DelightApostle) brings expert Customer Experience, Design, & Innovation methods, mindsets, and knowledge to organizations around the world.

Prakash Somasundaram

Lead Software Engineer, Alteryx
Prakash Somasundaram is a Lead Software Engineer with a strong commitment to delivering impactful solutions in the field of Data Science and Analytics. With an extensive 8-year career in this field, his journey has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to excellence. His approach is results-oriented, characterized by exceptional architectural skills and a commitment to fostering a culture of ongoing improvement. In his role as a leader responsible for building a unique Cloud analytics platform at Alteryx, Prakash has guided his team to achieve remarkable accomplishments in various domains, including cloud connectivity, multi-cloud support, billing, pricing, and packaging.

Rick Denton

Managing Principal - Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement, Operations, EX4CX
Rick helps customer-focused clients increase revenue by showing how to listen to customers & start delivering great experiences for every customer, every time. Hosts the CX Passport podcast. Rick believes the best meals are served outside and require a passport.

Shashidhar Reddy Keshireddy

Director of Data Integration Specialist in Data Science, AI and ML, CEPTUA IT INC
Shashidhar Reddy Keshireddy is Director of Data Integration Specialist for CEPTUA IT INC and President of AGILE IT SYSTEMS INC. Shashi is a Global Achievers Award 2023 winner and Gold Globee Award 2023 Winner. He is also a senior member of the IEEE community. Shashi is responsible for end-to-end improvements in processes, global standardizations, and as a Data Integration Specialist, he holds a pivotal role in ensuring that data remains a valuable asset for the organization. His expertise in data integration and management is instrumental in preserving the integrity and reliability of the data used across the entire organization, facilitating informed decision-making and supporting various critical business functions.

Syed Mohamed Thameem Nizamudeen

Principal, Oracle
Syed is a visionary, highly experienced Senior Digital Leader with over 15 years of achievements in delivering complex multi-million USD cloud customer experience and FinTech projects, all geared towards achieving operational and customer excellence. He is deeply passionate about architecting scalable strategies that not only enhance customer experience but also drive higher engagement and ultimately lead to increased revenues. Syed firmly believes that customer-centricity is not just a buzzword; it's a profound shift in mindset and a sustainable way of doing business that he embodies in all his endeavors.

Valerie Peck

Managing Director,SuiteCX by QuestionPro
Valerie is a senior executive with several start ups under her belt. She has deep experience in the CEM space as well in developing new products/practices at companies such as Pacific Bell, KPMG, PwC and StorageTek. In 2022, under her leadership, SuiteCX was merged into the QuestionPro Group as a wholly owned business. Her focus as managing director remains as the main evangelist, cheer leader and deal-maker for SuiteCX. She has over 25 years experience in building new businesses and making them profitable.

Bob Azman

Founder & CXO, Innovative CX Solutions
Bob Azman is the founder of Innovative CX Solutions, LLC, a Customer Experience Consulting firm. He serves as Chairman of the Board of the CXPA. He teaches at both the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and Rutgers University.

Dr Chris L Brown

CEO and Co-Founder, Marketculture
Chris is a global expert in customer-centric business strategies. He and his colleagues have conducted extensive research on this topic and published articles in Strategy & Leadership, B2B Magazine, the CEO Refresher, the Harvard Business Review Blog, the CMO Council program on Market Sensibility and other journals.

Dana Hyatt

Customer Experience Principal, CCXP, Slalom
Dana Hyatt is Customer Experience Principal at Slalom, partnering with organizations to achieve sustainable growth through the customers' lens. Her deep expertise in collaborating cross-functionally to turn insights into business impacts comes from her unique industry experience leading both field and corporate-based Sales, Operations, Training, Data Integration, Account Management, Marketing Insights and Customer Experience teams at companies such as Neiman Marcus, Citi, Acxiom, Gucci, Alltel, Zale Corporation, Gold's Gym International, Accor North America, ADT, Southwest Airlines, and Thomson Reuters.

Erin Wallace

Commercial Director, NPSx, Bain & Company
Erin Wallace, CCXP, is an inspirational Customer Experience leader, skilled in activating people to create better customer outcomes. She has developed customer centric strategies, managed global Voice of Customer programs and stood up new CX teams in her tenure at top global brands including John Deere and BASF, and serves as a coach & mentor to new CX leader.

Howard Lax

Principal Director, Customer Experience Consulting, Forsta
A CX industry leader with hands-on client-side and consulting experience, Howard is a 25+ year CX veteran focusing on applied solutions to CX challenges. His passion is helping clients define their challenges, forge a program to collect the necessary data and working with them to understand the results and implement change. Howard is all about partnering with clients to understand how the customer and employee experience drive behaviors and business results and how to measure and prioritize actions to improve the experience.

Jeff Sheehan

CX Advisor, JS Consulting
JS Consulting ( partners with clients providing Advisory services to start a new, or re-start a flailing Customer Experience (CX) Management Program designed to align with your business strategy and brand promises and make meaningful and measurable business and customer impact.

Judy Bloch

Principal Customer Experience Advisor, Medallia
As an experienced CX leader, Judy brings her passion for process design to create relevant, high-quality solutions based on customer needs. She’s a forward thinker, leveraging customer, industry, and competitive insights to build predictive strategies, positioning companies for greater success.

Kristin Flaherty

CX Senior Manager, Canon Medical Informatics
Kristin Flaherty leads Customer Experience at Canon Medical Healthcare IT. Kristin’s focus is on aligning and guiding the organization to create exceptional and differentiating experiences for their customers. Kristin leads with a strong commitment to driving change that delivers business and customer value.

Margaret-Anne Heyland

Consultant, Evolv Consulting
Margaret-Anne is a Consultant of Evolv Consulting and has over 2 decade in the Financial Services Industry. As a passionate CX Leader, she spent 20 + years at USAA and helped evolve and build award-winning experiences for Investments, Retirement and Financial Health. In previous roles she was the CX Officer at American National Bank of TX and Head of Participant Experience at MassMutual. Her passion is understanding needs and expectations of customers and looking for opportunities to improve their experiences by incorporating technology, empathy and understanding emotion at every customer touchpoint.

Mary Poppen

CXM Professor of Practice, Michigan State University and former CCO, SAP and LinkedIn
Mary Poppen is the Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at Responsible for driving the Customer Intelligence category in the market, she is building a world-class delivery team focused on helping companies leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to become customer-centric. Prior to, Mary was Glint’s Chief Customer Officer at LinkedIn and Chief Customer Officer for SAP’s Global Cloud business before that. Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has over 20 years of customer success, business consulting and executive leadership experience.

Patricia Descamps

CX/Personalization Associate Director, Clorox
As a strong CX and Consumer Insights leader with 10+ years of experience, Patricia has supported different organizations in developing and implementing robust Customer Satisfaction programs and research methodologies to take the relationship between brands and consumers to the next level.

Puneet Yamparala

Chief Product Officer | Co-Founder, Bizeev Brands
Puneet has 13+ years in product management. He previously headed product management at Amazon and is currently the co-founder of Bizeev Brands which leverages AI for product development. He is also an alumnus of Duke and IIT Madras.

Roxie Strohmenger

VP, CX Strategy, UKG
Roxie Strohmenger, CCXP is a driven transformation executive and co-creator of Forrester's CX Index™ with 15+ years of experience as a practitioner and thought leader. Roxie has deep expertise in designing and executing innovative CX transformation initiatives that tap into the six core CX competencies and leveraging CX best practices to create differentiated, high-quality experiences that create, sustain, and expand customer loyalty.

Shivani Patel

Principal - Strategy and Analytics, Medtronic
Shivani Patel leads Market Research and Analytics projects at Medtronic. Shivani is focused on providing corporate strategy and marketing strategy planning recommendations to the organization by implementing robust primary and secondary market research studies. Her core approach is focused on converting customer-centric insights into strategic recommendations that can positively influence the business. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of market research and analytics with audience across varying levels and industries.

Tim Kist

Director, Marketing and Customer Experience, TK3 Consulting
Tim Kist, FCMC, is the Managing Director of TK3 Consulting. Central to his practice is a focus on ensuring a customer-centric view in corporate strategy and marketing strategy plans. In addition, Tim teaches strategic planning, marketing, and advertising at the University of Winnipeg PACE program.

Ankesh Agarwal

Senior Manager - CX Strategy, VoC and Continuous Improvement, Majid Al Futtaim
Ankesh is a seasoned CX practitioner with passion towards creating memorable customer experiences via consumer understanding, digital transformation and organization alignment. He has a rich 15-year experience managing CX advisory, CRM, E-comm and Insights engagements across the Middle East and Indian sub-continent. He brings in a holistic perspective on CX consulting, client-side understanding, entrepreneurial zeal and stakeholder management to his client engagements.

Balakrishna Murthy

Sr. Manager- CX Capability Building, Majid Al Futtaim
Bala helps Organisations to visualise Customer Experience (CX) as a value driver and enables to develop relevant competencies to meet current needs and the required capabilities to meet future needs of customers. He has led several successful engagements in Customer Insights, CRM and CX for brands in Automotive, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors for over two decades in the Middle East region. Bala is an accredited practitioner of SCHEMA® - Customer centricity framework, and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence.

Craig Lee

Partner, Kinetic Consulting Services
Customer experience strategist and business transformation advisor; Advisory Board member and international keynote speaker. Supporting executive teams of Fortune 500 companies and SME’s to design and drive significant customer experience programmes with impact. Craig has worked on customer centered change in the financial services, telecoms, luxury retail, technology, education, hospitality, healthcare and travel sectors. Craig is Customer Experience Director at Customer Experience Group and more recently held the position of Customer Experience and Brand at Emirates. He is based in Dubai and consults internationally.

Dr Emmanuel Manyonganise

Customer Experience Strategy Advisor, Bank Al Bilad
Accomplished Customer Experience & Digital Transformation executive with over 15 years of experience. I help businesses attract and retain customers and increase their lifetime value using a customer and data driven digital strategy and transformation which enables organisations to engage with customers more effectively, sell more and new products and services.

Hamdi Amawi

Vice President, The Factory Furniture
An award-winning, commercially strategic Customer Service, Retail and Logistics Professional - with an outstanding record of success and a deep commitment to creating and driving initiatives to optimize the revenue and continuous improvement of businesses in challenging, competitive, customer-driven markets. Expertise spans the engagement of multinational management teams, and leadership and development of large, geographically dispersed teams to exceed results in high volume, fast-paced customer service, retail, freight and logistics environments.

Imad Hazeem

Customers' Delight Expert
Imad Hazeem is Customers’ Delight Expert, a highly accomplished 18 years of success working within banking, consulting, events management, training, insurance. He provides different service sectors with customer service experience training to improve companies’ employees’ skills while implementing innovative and interactive training and coaching for more than 6,000 employees in Arab region. Imad is the first Palestinian Accredited Customer Experience Specialist – ACXS – from CX Rockstar, James Dodkins, and Customer Experience Specialist from CX University. Imad was one of panelist of 17 Customer Experience specialists around the world to choose (CX Stars) the top of the customer experience professional and influencers in UK.

Kuldeep Chouhan

Certified Customer Experience Professional
Dynamic, hands-on Customer Experience and Transformation Executive with a wealth of knowledge and experience in driving operational and customer experience excellence programs, building digital servicing capabilities, exploring new business development opportunities, delivering revenue and cost impact, and guiding project management activities. An avid problem-solver and analytical thinker who can effectively manage change across the organization. Build and lead talented teams of professionals through interactive training and mentorship opportunities.

Leilani Sumague

Business Excellence and Customer Care. Eros
Leilani Sumague is the Head of Business Excellence & Customer Care at Eros Group. A seasoned professional with over two decades of experience, Leilani excels in optimizing company performance and delivering exceptional results. Her expertise lies in strategic operations management, effective risk management, and the successful execution of cross-functional initiatives that elevate customer experience.

Murat Serim

Owner, Serim Consulting
Murat Serim has more than twenty years of experience in management consulting. Serim teaches MBA courses on Customer Centricity, International Marketing, Business Negotiations and Sales Management. Serim Consulting, has been serving Financial Services, Telecommunications and Air Travel industries since 2010.

Osama Redaian

Operational Excellence and Customer Experience Senior Director, Bupa Arabia
Osama, a visionary engineer, and project leader, transforms businesses through his passion for operational excellence and customer-focused mindset. With mastery honed over years in the field, he revolutionizes company culture and elevates employee engagement. Currently serving as Senior Director of Service Operations and Customer Experience at Bupa Arabia, Osama draws from diverse industry experience to champion operational excellence and provide superlative customer journeys. He recognizes that exemplary customer centricity stems from a company's core values and culture. Osama's innovative leadership and commitment to customers catalyze positive change across organizations.

Saif Sultan Al Abri

Senior Manager, Omantel
Over 20 years’ of experience in various senior HR roles & customer experience roles in the telecom and banking industry, Saif was deeply involved in developing corporate plans on matters like learning & development, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Event Management, Complaints Management, Sales and Customer Experience. Previously, he was the Senior Manager of both Employees Engagement and Learning & Development of Omantel which was recognized and rewarded in different international conferences around the world. Today, he is the Senior Manager of the People Operations supporting over 2,300 employees across all Omantel.

Shahrukh Abbas Gondal

CEO & Founding Partner, ACE Luxury Immigration Solutions - UAE
Shahrukh Abbas Gondal is a seasoned legal practitioner and is a registered Barrister and solicitor with the Canadian Law Society and is practicing law in Ontario, Canada, and two additional jurisdictions. He is the Group CEO of the ACE Group of Companies, which operates in the Immigration, Property, Barristers and Solicitors, and Global Canada in Canada, UAE and Pakistan.

Suleiman Aldabbas

Chief Specialist | Digital Services, Thinkers Consultancy
A Digital Transformation Expert, with 16+ years of proven track record of excellence practices and awards. Sulaiman demonstrated competence in a wide range of best practices in Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Citizen Experience, Organizational excellence, and Quality management in public and private sectors. Digital Maturity assessor, Digital Services/Channels assessor, Lead Auditor, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System - EFQM Excellence Assessor - Certified Train Of Trainer (TOT) - Lead Auditor, ISO 22301 Business Continuity system - Digital Transformation Strategist - Certified Creative Leadership & Innovation.

Ahmad Emara

Director, Advisory Solutions, Ethos Integrated Solutions
Ahmad joined the Ethos Integrated Solutions team with many years of experience in quality and customer service with major institutions such as: Etisalat, Al Yousuf Group, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Al Ghurair Group. He also participated in working on several projects in institutional excellence and the 7-star global star rating program for several government agencies in the United Arab Emirates. He currently hold the position of Director of the Consulting and Training Department, and he was proudly selected as a judge in the Saudi Award for Customer Experience.

Cedric Betis

Founder & CEO, Becan Wellness Solutions
Founder & CEO of Becan Wellness Solutions, a consultancy firm specialized in sport, fitness and wellness, currently providing strategic and commercial advisory services to government entities, private companies, investors, real estate developers, hotel groups and fitness clubs.

Dim Raketa

CEO, Reputation House
Dima Raketa, a charismatic speaker, is a seasoned business development strategist, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Reputation House for the MENA region. Over the course of 15 years, he has successfully grown 16 companies across six countries. In 2015, Dima expanded his expertise into the realm of Online Reputation Management, and in 2019, he assumed a similar role in the Hong Kong office of Reputation House.

Faran Niaz

Customer Experience Specialist
Highly experienced Customer Experience & Digital Transformation specialist. Change Management Expert with over 25 years of experience in Banking / Financial Services including successful establishment and running of Alternate Channels, Call Centers, Customer Service Units, Complaint Resolution Units & Quality setups for Citibank, Mashreq Bank & Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Global Customer Experience Judge and speaker on various platforms as an industry expert. Faran has led ADIB win ‘Best Bank in Customer Experience’ in UAE for last 7 consecutive years. An achievement of un-parallel proportions. Faran is also a talented and an Award winning photographer. His photographs have been exhibited in UAE, Thailand and Italy.

Ian Hunt

Chief Experience Officer, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)
Ian is an innovative, creative and highly regarded customer and digital leader. The first 14 years of his career was in consulting leading customer strategy, service design, digital and large-scale transformation projects across a variety of sectors and geographies. Over the past 3+ years he worked at Close Brothers (FTSE 250 bank) as their Chief Customer Officer driving business and cultural transformation. His work has seen focus on B2B, B2C and B2B2C/B markets. Voted in the top 3 global CX leaders by in 2019, Ian is passionate about creating outstanding end to end experiences for customers which lead to significant value for the business and people he work with.

James Duthie

Owner, Touchpoints Consulting & Communications
A seasoned communications expert with nearly 30 years experience across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He has worked with many blue-chip companies to develop their brands in international markets. He has developed world-class customer engagement programmes for several of the region’s biggest brands.

Lama AlShanti

Digital Transformation and Innovation Expert
Speaker/ Judge in Customer/ employees Experience, Innovation and digital transformation expert with deep knowledge of business processes and planning. Head of Human resources and Digital employees experience at Palestine telecommunications company. Experienced Strategic Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, leading teams. Obtained a BC focused in Electrical Engineering and an EMBA from BZU. Working on a Ph.D. dissertation in customer experience and digital transformation.

Malu Langkruis

Head of Customer Experience, wasl Properties
Malu is the Head of Customer Experience at Wasl Properties, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in Dubai. Malu is a senior executive with a passion for creating exceptional customer experiences through technology and innovation. She has driven CX transformations for leading businesses around the world during her career at top tier Consultancies like Deloitte and EY.

Natalia Jaramillo

Founder and CEO, PristineCX
Natalia Jaramillo CCXP owns a Boutique Luxury experiences firm where she designs experiences for luxury brands. She brings over a decade of experience in Luxury Customer Experience in International Hospitality and Retail brands. She transforms the Luxury CX Strategy, the customer centric culture, the employee experience, and implements clienteling techniques.

Paul Burgess

Well-being Program Lead, Saudi Aramco
Paul Burgess is the Well-being program lead for the Saudi Aramco Corporate Well-being Program and a key member of the Employee Experience team, at Management & Professional Development Dept. (M&PDD). Paul has over 25 years’ experience in the health and well-being field and is leading the implementation of a new Well-being strategy at Saudi Aramco.

Seyada Alkilani

Customer Experience Expert
Expert in enhancing Contact Centers operations and quality assurance through calls/chat optimization, training , risk mitigation and systems enhancement. Participated in several initiatives related to VOC and mystery shopping. Additionally, managed systems and digital channels re-engineering to enhance both customers and frontliners experience.

Sherif Elgendy

Director of Strategic Planning & Organistional Excellence
Boasting 17+ years of professional leadership, excelling in Strategic Planning, Data science & Analytics, Operations Excellence, Project Management, Agile, UX, Scrum & CX. consistently delivered exceptional outcomes, providing strategic vision, change management, and quality improvement as a trusted Advisor to organizations and government bodies.

Wael Qenawy

CX & CRM Director, TROFI
Wael is a seasoned customer experience leader at TROFI, and cofounder/consultant for CRM and CX design., Wael comes with (14) years of experience in supporting and leading customer management functions, and a history of proven successes in achieving customer delight and loyalty, in F&B. He is passionate for designing and utilizing platforms, in a way that allows for timely listening, design and adaptation, to VOC.. Wael’s vision is to be one the RCX (Restaurant customer experience) 's benchmark

Benson Mukandiwa

Customer Service & CX Expert, Service Quality Institute
Benson Mukandiwa (CMgr FCMI-FIML) is a multiple Award Winning Chartered Fellow & Manager. An erudite scholar and global citizen acknowledged by a coterie of affiliates and professionals as Customer Service - CX Consultant, Business Analyst, Author-preneur, International Speaker, and Researcher in Customer Management. An astute think tank with fifteen years plus management expertise majoring in Brand Experience; Customer Experience; Employee Experience and Product Experience. He focuses on helping organizations improve their culture, strategy, marketing, interaction design, and customer-centric leadership practices.

Claire Boscq

Customer and Employee Experience Keynote Speaker, BizShui Creator
Claire Boscq is the No1 woman on the Global customer experience gurus list with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the customer experience industry.   International best seller author with 4 published books, she is an international media influencer with her work published in Brazil, Philippines, India, US & Europe.   Claire has spoken in over 20 countries; in delivering fast paced and high-energy presentations in French and English. Winner of the Institute of director award, she is also a on the board of Virtual Speaker Association.  

Eman Murad

Director Marketing Communications - Business, du
Experienced Marketing Communications Director with a background in Design Management (BSc) and Quality Management (MSc). A dedicated athlete and contributor to the UAE’s women’s sports scene. Committed to excellence in both professional and athletic pursuits.

Glen Stollery

CEO, Les Mills Middle East
Glen Stollery is the CEO of Les Mills International for the Middle East, India, and Africa. An experienced leader in the wellness industry, he founded his first company in New Zealand, growing it to the largest of its kind before leading a successful exit. Since then, he has established companies in Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, and the Middle East. Glen is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a Harvard Business School certified specialist in strategy, and an MBA candidate at the University of Illinois.

Imad Eddine Oubiri

International Relations Strategist
Mr. Oubiri is recognized both locally and internationally as a philanthropist and seasoned professional with multiple affiliations, including: Knowledge Partner – Official Reporter & Anchor, AIM Global Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE MBA Industry Advisory Board Member, American University in the Emirates, Dubai Advisory Board Member at the School of Diplomacy and Security at the American University in the Emirates, Dubai. Certified Interpreter-Translator at the Ras Al KhaimahInternational Arbitration and Commercial Reconciliation Center. Judge at EEG & Arabia CSR Network – Sustainability Initiatives Judge at the ARCET Customer Centricity Global Awards. Business Advisor, Exponaut, Estonia. Business Advisor, MBN Group, Portugal. Business Advisor, OCO Global Investment Group, UK.

Dr. Khaleel Ahmed G.K

Director - Learning & Development, Commerce Connect FZE
Doctorate in Mathematics with more than three decades of teaching and administrative experiences in UAE, Oman & India. For two decades, along with teaching Mathematics/Statistics in the reputed universities in Dubai and Oman, initiated, planned and executed various 'Education to Employment' related lectures, workshops, studies and projects for the students to secure jobs as well as start-ups and businesses. These experiences and expertise led to take over as Director of Learning & Development, one of the verticals of Commerce Connect, Dubai in August 2023.

Lara Khouri

Founding Member, There is no spoon experience consulting & training
Following a very successful corporate career Lara, a "people person who gets process", began her mission to make our world a happier place through an approach to CX/EX training and consulting built on the values of "passion, positivity, and putting people first". Lara is a founding member of Women in CX, mentor, and certified Co-Active® Coach.

Margaret Flanagan

Co-Founder, Tales & Heads
Margaret Flanagan is the co-founder of Tales & Heads, a communications agency focused on strategic consultancy and creative storytelling. She has spent the last two decades working with brands, businesses, governments and individuals to build and protect their reputations and strengthen bonds with their audiences.

Nisrine Boufrem

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, People Practice Hub
Nisrine is a results driven healthcare professional with a solid background in people and the operational aspects of healthcare entities. She has a strategic and commercial perspective of the healthcare industry supported by 13 years of operational human resources, recruiting the best talent, building culture directing, and managing organizational change. Nisrine has a Master’s degree in International Human Resources from Coventry University UK , Certificates in people Development Level 3,5 & 7, and years of hands on experience and learning. Prior to Founding People Practice Hub, she served in several progressive roles within an expanding UAE based healthcare group.

Ramadan Alabdi

Sr. Excellence and Customer Experience Consultant, Ethos Integrated Solutions
A consultant and assessor with over 9 years of experience in organizational excellence, customer experiences, and global standards. Ramadan has evaluated and supported government entities in excellence awards, customer experiences, and various management systems, contributing to enhanced competitiveness and multiple awards.

Shadi Swairki

Director of Hospital Services, Bupa Arabia
A high Medical and Operational Professional with superb leadership skills, impressive record of growth and success for more than 13 years of experience in Operation Excellence and Customer Experience Management in the healthcare sector. He firmly believe in passionate and inspirational business leadership which energizes both organizations and individuals, helping people and organizations to be among the best in all aspects and this is his motivational fuel

Sofia de Koning

Founder & Managing Director, Yuki Consulting
Sofia de Koning is the founder of Yuki Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in customer experience strategy and future trends research. She has an extensive background working with premium automotive and corporate clients across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, crafting and implementing customer-centric strategies. Sofia is passionate about the Japanese concept of Omotenashi, the art of hospitality, and experiences that touch the heart of the customer.

Bruno Andrade

Employee Experience Strategy Director, Qualtrics
Bruno is the Head of EX Strategy for Qualtrics in Latin America in charge of design and execute EX program and its impact on business KPIs. He plays an important academic role in Brazil as a MBA Professor and co-writer in publications related to EX and leadership subject matters. His 25 years of career was 100% built in the people management space serving multinational companies as HR Practitioner, Global Consultancy firm as Senior Consultant and tech company such his current role at Qualtrics.

Daniel Arancibia

CX Regional Director,
Daniel Arancibia is a seasoned professional, currently serving as CX Regional Executive Director of, one of the leading marketplaces in Chile, Perú and Colombia. He is father of two children, Clara and Cristóbal.

Francisco Zapata

CEO, Kentricos
One of the first CCXP in Brazil, Zapata leads Kentricos, a consulting firm specialized on helping big companies create and evolve their Customer Centricity Programs. Zapata has extensive experience in the fields of Customer Experience, Customer Success and Customer Care accumulated as an executive and entrepreneur for more than 25 years.

Bruno Guimarães

Community Manager - Founder, Amigos do CX
Bruno is the founder of local Brazilian CX community Amigos Do CX, leads the CXPA Brazil Regional Council. Passionate about people and CX. He believes on the collaborative learning and on the values of communities. His goal with the A.CX is to integrate people, exchange experiences and constantly look for new initiatives to support market development. In his spare time is a triathlete, has completed 5 Ironmans, 8 marathons and 2 ultra-marathons, crossing the Andes Mountains running. Father of Ana Carolina and Bento.

Daniela Fantinati

Head, Quality Management & Customer Experience, Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos SA
Daniela Fantinati is the Head of Quality Management & Customer Experience of Viracopos International Airport in São Paulo, Brazil, and a member of the Operational Performance Technical Committee of the Brazilian National Commission of Airport Authorities.

Mayla Takahashi

Head of Customer Experience LATAM, BASF
Mayla has a bachelor’s degree in international affairs, a postgraduate degree in Business and People Management, and is currently a Master's student in Consumer Behavior. She has over 15 years of experience in strategic areas and today is the head of CX LATAM at Basf Agro.

Celso Tonet

Director of CX, Claro
Engineer and Master in Business Administration, he has worked for 25 years in the areas of Customer Relations. Since 2009, he has been with Claro Brasil, a leading company in the Telecommunications sector. Today he is Head of Customer Experience, with the challenge of transforming the customer experience every day.

Enrique Saenz

CEO, PercepcionesCX
Mr. Enrique Saenz, has 25+ years of commercial experience and 10+ years practicing customer experience consulting for clients in Latin America. He is founder and CEO of PercepcionesCX a CX consulting firm and currently the leader of the CXPA Latin America Network.

Rodrigo Edwards

Managing Director, Loyalty Metrics
Rodrigo is director at the Customer Institute, Customer Loyalty and NPS® Certified expert from Satmetrix and holds a Master´s degree in Management from Harvard University. Rodrigo has over 15+ years implementing Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and Net Promoter System (NPS) programs throughout Latin America. Rodrigo founded Loyalty Metrics in 2014, a Customer Experience Management consulting and training firm helping businesses achieve customer centric growth.

Ali Malik

Head of Customer Experience, Static-A
Ali Malik, CCXP is a Certified CX practitioner, consultant, trainer and VOC platform enabler. Representing Static-A, CX Research and Strategy firm, Ali is helping organizations in designing & implementing CX Measurements, Mystery Audits, Omni-channel Voice of Customers, NPS, CX Strategy, CX Training’s and enabling Customer Centric Cultures

John Brunkard

Senior Director, Head of Customer Success APJ, Sitecore
John Brunkard is a highly accomplished Customer Success and Experience Leader based in Singapore. John has a proven track record working in the high-tech industry across several verticals in the Asia Pacific and Japan region. As a seasoned leader, John has successfully guided customer-focused teams in delivering exceptional service to clients throughout the Asia Pacific and Japan region. Currently, he serves as the Head of the Customer Success Team for Sitecore (APAC & Japan), a leading customer experience management company that provides end-to-end digital experience software solutions. Sitecore's SaaS-enabled, composable platform empowers brands to deliver unforgettable customer interactions. John's dedication to excellence is reflected in his professional certifications.

Vimal Vyas

Customer Experience Strategist
With over 18 years of experience, Vimal is an accomplished professional. For some of the most well-known brands in telecom, retail, eCommerce, and f&B, he led CX strategy, design, and transformation. He is also a Doctorate researcher who researches customer experience.

Dr. Anil Pillai

Director, Terragni Consulting (P) Ltd.
Dr.Pillai is a veteran customer engagement strategy expert. His area of expertise is in building and executing customer engagement, customer experience and customer centricity solutions for organizations. He is a certified Neuroscience Coach and currently on the global research editorial board of the Neuroscience in Business Association (NMSBA) and a founding member of CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) . He currently is a Director with Terragni Consulting Ltd – A strategy consulting organization and a Director with Buyer Brain Ltd – A London Headquartered ,neuroscience research and innovation organization.

Philip Joseph

Senior Vice President Customer Experience & Service Operation, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison
Philip Joseph is the Senior Vice President for Customer Experience & Service Operation for Indosat Ooredoo, a Telecommunications provider in Indonesia. Having had more than 24 years of experience in the telecoms sector in Malaysia and Internationally , he started his career in Malaysia with Celcom, Axiata and has worked in countries such as Tanzania, Afghanistan, the Maldives, Myanmar and now in Indonesia since 2019. In September 2019 , Philip was shortlisted as one of the Top 25 CX Leader Award Finalist “ by MyCustomer and in 2020 , Philip won the Gold Award for Best CX Personality in Asia for shaping Customer Experience in Asia.

Yane Tan

Senior Director Partnership & Marketing APAC Region, Aspire Lifestyles
Yane TAN is a creative and seasoned partnership and marketing expert. Currently the Senior Director at global concierge Aspire Lifestyles, she enjoys working on bespoke campaigns and loyalty programs that has improved customer experience throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Jacque Lim

First Vice President, Group Head of Operational Excellence, Contact Centres, Group Technology and Operations, United Overseas Bank
Jacque is a Chartered Quality Professional with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) of London, recipient of the Global W.O.W Achievers award at the 8th World Women Leadership Congress (2021), selected as Judge for Customer Centricity World Series as well as Judge for Contact Centres World Top Performers. She has more than 18 years of expertise in curating customer experiences, loyalty program, people & vendor management, strategic management and operational profitability, ranging from financial, digital payments, aviation, loyalty programme, contact centers, travel medical and security across Asia Pacific and global markets.

Santhakumaran Atmalingam

Founder/CEO, CX Expert Asia
Santha is a Customer Experience (CX) thought leader, keynote speaker, and an industry leader for CX coaching and consulting in South East Asia. He has vast experience in advising MNC and Government Agencies on CX Transformation.